"Every artist was first an amateur"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Thanksgiving Break…

Welp, my Thanksgiving Break is probably the worst break from school ever, considering that i’ve done homework the whole break. That’s what i get for taking three AP classes. I had a goal to do a painting a day since i don’t paint nearly as much as i would like…well, it didn’t work out because of all the homework but i did paint some and i wanted to share…also i watched like every depressing episode of Torchwood and Doctor Who this week…saw where the Tenth Doctor regenerated [which left me unsure on how to feel since Matt Smith is my doctor, but i was really sad for David to leave] and I watched Owen die then be brought back just to die again with Tosh.

"Rose and The Doctor [with the 3D Glasses and the Cyberman Standing Behind them at the Battle of Canary Wharf.]" That no joke is the name of this painting. Also i’ll admit this isn’t a very good picture because i painted it in, like, an hour but i couldn’t get rid of it because it’s name is just too cool.

"The Weeping Angel."

"Prisoner Zero."

This is called “The Flying TARIDS” [clever i know.]