"Every artist was first an amateur"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Luxury Comedy.

Fantasy Man! He is definitely my favorite character from Luxury Comedy..

I really only drew this picture to show off how many colored pens i have…though finding a sliver pen too weeks and i never did find a gold one.

I don’t like this picture but it took my forever to finish so i thought i’d share..I was trying something new with colored pencils..it didn’t work.

Sherlock and the Mighty Boosh

I started this picture after watching Reichenbach Falls…and it’s the only thing Sherlock related (well, other than Tumblr) that I’ve done since. It’s a bit ridiculous. I still can’t read Sherlock fan fictions without crying. But I’ve decided that I need Sherlock in my life so I’m going to have to be a big girl and watch Reichenbach again and get over it.

THE HITCHER! The Hitcher is definitely one of my favorite Mighty Boosh characters. This picture brought a lot of attention to me at school because the Boosh apparently isn’t very popular in Parkersburg (Nothing cool is though, I know only two people who like Doctor Who and they are both over fifty). I had to explain multiple times that I didn’t randomly decide to throw away my black pens and use all the ink in my green pen for the heck of it, but that he really was green. The Hitcher did help me discover that a kid in my Pre-calc class watches the show, so some good did come out of this picture.