"Every artist was first an amateur"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Eleventh Doctor

Most of these are at least a month old and were pretty rushed…but i like them so i thought i’d share.

well, it’s the TARDIS but no one i know is able to tell..then again, no one i know watches Doctor Who..so there you go.

My Thanksgiving Break…

Welp, my Thanksgiving Break is probably the worst break from school ever, considering that i’ve done homework the whole break. That’s what i get for taking three AP classes. I had a goal to do a painting a day since i don’t paint nearly as much as i would like…well, it didn’t work out because of all the homework but i did paint some and i wanted to share…also i watched like every depressing episode of Torchwood and Doctor Who this week…saw where the Tenth Doctor regenerated [which left me unsure on how to feel since Matt Smith is my doctor, but i was really sad for David to leave] and I watched Owen die then be brought back just to die again with Tosh.

"Rose and The Doctor [with the 3D Glasses and the Cyberman Standing Behind them at the Battle of Canary Wharf.]" That no joke is the name of this painting. Also i’ll admit this isn’t a very good picture because i painted it in, like, an hour but i couldn’t get rid of it because it’s name is just too cool.

"The Weeping Angel."

"Prisoner Zero."

This is called “The Flying TARIDS” [clever i know.]