"Every artist was first an amateur"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

my only problem with the first x-men movie is when magneto uses his power to take cyclops’ visor off because that really poor planning on xavier’s part, i mean first class and days of future past have both proved that magneto is always going to be a bit of a bother so why would you make the only thing control the power of the guy who can’t control his power with metal in it because even if they hadn’t went up against magneto at this point xavier should have known they would eventually. 

i have this image in my head of Freddie secretly shoving wrappers of starburst or jolly ranchers into Frederick’s pockets without him knowing and then he goes off to work and goes to get his wallet or a pen or something when talking to someone and all these wrappers falling all over the place and he’s both confused and embarrassed.

so if Clint likes dogs then he should befriend Will Graham

I have a new favorite Avengers Fanfiction Headcannon


And it’s Clint Barton in the vents of Avengers tower during all important conversations between anyone. There is nothing funnier than having two (or three) characters having a really personal heart to heart and to have Clint chime in from the vent above them. Literally nothing funnier. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey i saw your post about how gideon got chilton in roti and i was wondering what you head canons for that were i love all of the little headcannons and fics that you write they are awesome keep doing what you're doing haha:D

Thank you! I really haven’t put much thought into it, honestly. But I figured he’d get him in his office or as he was leaving work, because i really just want to leave all the house trauma to Hannibal. Someone pointed out to me that Gideon could have used Freddie to draw Chilton out and I like that one too, like she called him and wanted an interview or something and then he gets there and surprise! Abel Gideon! And I don’t think Chilton would blame her because they both above all else are survivors, and they do what they have to do to keep alive. And then that could lead into a awkward friendship, and an over-protective Freddie (which I just adore). Also i want a flashback episode just to see Gideon carrying Chitlon bridal style up the steps of the planetarium. 

No but, back to my ‘Chilton breaks both arms’ rambly nonsense. I like to think the lead up to that was that Freddie and Chilton were going to go to the movies but he forgot his wallet at work so were going to go get it. And she stuck her foot out to trip him and he dodged her and laughed at her before his foot slipped off the curve and bam, broken arms. And she’d laugh until she realized he was hurt, and then she’s all fussy and apologizing and panicking. And he’d make her go to the hospital he father doesn’t work at. He’d try to play it off all cool, like ‘nah, it doesn’t hurt’ as he list of his allergies for the hospital form, but he’s failing spectacularly. And Freddie just feels really bad, and he keeps telling her it’s not her fault and to not tell him mom because she’d overreact.



Friendly reminder that Beverly Katz is still dead.




AW: If your SVU character, A.D.A. Rafael Barba, prosecuted Chilton, what would the verdict be?
Raúl Esparza: I think Chilton would be found guilty, 100 percent. It might not be first-degree murder, but he would definitely be an accessory to the murders that were committed.

Awesome AU isn’t it?

The one were Chilton is sick and Freddie is 500% done with him. Also there are hancuffes.

Frederick Chilton, Freddie decided, is a big childish moronic idiot baby and she doesn’t know why she puts up with him. It all started when he asked her to pick up cough syrup from the drug store, because she ran into Jack Crawford and Jack informed her that Chilton apparently is a gigantic germ magnet. She thought he was messing with her, because surely, Mama C or Rafael or someone would have brought that up at some point, right? Wrong. The tickle in the back of Frederick’s throat turned into hacking coughs in less than a day, then into a high fever, a runny nose, a sore throat, the whole nine yards really. It left him a shivering sniffling mess.

And the idiot won’t accept that he’s sick. And he completely lied to her yesterday! She told him to call off and he said he would and then went to work anyways. That ended with him being driven home by one of the night shift guards who didn’t think he was in any state to be driving (which was reasonable because the two of them had to pull a feverish sleepy psychiatrist out of his back seat).

So here she was at six fifteen in the morning, sitting in the dark in the kitchen with a cup of coffee (because she plans to scare him as well as scold him for being an idiot). She can hear him drag himself down the stairs, weak and wobbly, dressed to the nines, and into the kitchen where he doesn’t even notice her. She asked him where he thought he was going, and yeah, she did enjoy the fact that he practically jumped out of his shoes at the sound of her voice. He tells her he’s going to work and she tells him that he is not and that the head nurse called her and said that he was not going to work. So no work for Freddy Chilton today. He tells her he’s going anyways with a sniffle and all the determination that a sick feverish man can muster, Freddie’s pretty sure the only thing keeping him up right now is the counter he’s leaning against. And then adds, sounds all the more like a child, that she can’t tell him what to do.

She tells him that to go sit in the living room now before he falls over, and he does (because she can totally tell him what to do). He has a temperature of 102 and whenever he’s almost asleep a coughing fit wakes him up. And she dumps cough syrup down his throat. He tries to steal her car keys, because apparently that hospital will fall apart without him infecting everyone else and she handcuffs him to a chair. He calls her some very not nice words and she watches Days Of Our Lives until he tires himself out.

He taps her shoulder a while after she’s unhandcuffed him and if it’s to tell her he needs to get to work she’s going to punch him. He tells her that she can sell her apartment with a glazed over look in his eyes. That he doesn’t want her to leave so she can stay here. Freddie may have given him too much cough syrup. Maybe. Accidentally, really. And he’s rambling on like he doesn’t even know how he’s talk about how she’s his best friend. Frederick Chilton may be a big childish moronic idiot baby but he was also kind of adorable.